choke on this (whereuwant2be) wrote in r_ua_hotpunk,
choke on this

This is for chinchillapower

1. paolo
2. 14
3. no, im a virgin (male hehe)
4. beetles, monkees, rancid, yellowcard, dashboard confessionals
5. the nightmare before charlie brown.
6. revolver
7. let it be-beetles
8. my arse
9. it sucks now. mainstreamness should burn in the eternal flames of denmark
10. post 2-3 pics of yourself.
ok this pic sucks but its the only one ihad....he's the second from the right
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very interesting selection of bands i say..but you are azian.

i say YES
Because, duh, you rule.
yay! im accepted!
i like the picture.
i look skinny!