choke on this (whereuwant2be) wrote in r_ua_hotpunk,
choke on this

 1. name- clare
2. age- 14
3. sex- female
4. 5 favorite bands- tbs, a perfect circle, afi, dashboard, my checmicle romance
5. favorite movie- spiderman 2
6. all time favorite album- queen's greatest hits
7. all time favorite song- cute without the "e" (tbs)
8. in your opinion, who is the original punk band and why. green day because they go way back and the first time i heard them was like 6 years ago when i liked all that crap music... by crap i mean poppy stuff
9. how has the mainstreamization of punk effected the underground? i think the underground is screwed because mainstreamization is bad
10. im on the right... : )


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