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1. name Emily
2. age 13
3. sex Female
4. 5 favorite bands Rancid Taking Back Sunday, AFI, Brand New, and Suicide Machines
5. favorite movie That's ard either Nightmare Before Christmas or Rocky Horror Picture Show
6. all time favorite album ...And Out Come the Wolves-Rancid
7. all time favorite song Brand New-70x7
8. in your opinion, who is the original punk band and why. I'd have to say either Ramones or Sex Pistols because they are the ones who took the concept and formed it.
9. how has the mainstreamization of punk effected the underground? I think it has made a lot of underground bands alot more famous and not all of this is bad because some of these bands are really good and deserve to be able to get where they are
10. post 2-3 pics of yourself.

my fauxhawk

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