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you MUST send in an application first!
1. name
2. age
3. sex
4. 5 favorite bands
5. favorite movie
6. all time favorite album
7. all time favorite song
8. in your opinion, who is the original punk band and why.
9. how has the mainstreamization of punk effected the underground?
10. post 2-3 pics of yourself.

this should be in an lj-cut. to do this click on the icon that looks like (...) in rich text mode. after you do that type <*lj-cut> but take the star out. once you have done everything you needed to type, put <*lj-cut> but minus the star again. at the bottom of the update journal text box, there will be a box that you can select which journal to post in. scroll down until you see r_ua_hotpunk. then click "update journal"!

1.you must not be rude to other members or mods :)
2. keep cussing on the down low please
thats about it...